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The Tarnhelm 3rd: Baneblade

Hi all

Here's the first picture of many that will be posted as time goes by. This is the Tranhelm 3rd's baneblade 'Hammer'.

Turn Signals On A Land Raider

As you may have noticed, on the right of the page is a nice new big and shiny link to the Turn Signals On A Land Raider comic, mine and Blackmanes favourite 40k comic. Its definately worth a read and I hope they dont mind us posting a link to their webpage. The comic was discontinued at no.667 at the start of August 2009, however the full archive is available to read starting from no.1. Please go and have a look, its definatley worth a chuckle!

Imperial Armour Vol.1 & 2 Updates

Forgeworld have kindly updated many of the rules from Imperial Armour 1 & 2, to bring them in line with the 5th edition rule book, and not only that, they've put them in 2 handy PDF's for free! Having looked at the PDF's, which deals with Space Marines, Inquisition and Imperial Guard, Im thinking a Helios Landraider might be in order mwahahahahaha, and the best thing about this update? Not only have they updated the rules and stats for each unit, but they've also included the points costs, put this all together and it means that basically theyve released a mini codex of sorts, dealing with armoured vechicles...for free...adds a bit more variety doesnt it?