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My Version of Knight Commander Pask

This is a picture of my version of knight commander pask. I decided to give him a little cape and a fur collar to make him stand out. I also gave him a laspistol to make it look like he is shooting at something on the ground. Also attached to the cupola is a banner with the Tarnhelm 3rd's regimental logo on it. The logo is basically the Roman numeral for 3 but instead of 3 striaght lines it has 3 thunderbolts. I was really quite impressed with how i painted the skin on this model. Painting skin has always been something i've found hard to do well and the way i did the skin for this model worked well i feel. It will definately be the way i do skin from now on until i find a better way of doing it.

As always comments are welcome


Iron Lords Chapter Master

Well in the true tradition of the Space Marines, I have started construction of a Chapter Master namely the "Iron Lord" Hoban Lakor. I've been tinkering around with him for a while, terminator armour, close combat weapon and a combi melta. I then added some green stuff robes, but was not overall happy wth how he looked, it all seemed a bit too...uninspiring for a Chapter Master. So I stripped the green stuff off him an started again. I drilled out his head (using the Black Reach sergeant as a basis) and replaced it. Then I had a choice, either a reconstructed thunder hammer (don't ask) and power fist or lighning claws, however having no shoulder pads meant id have to find away to cover them up. Then the idea hit me, a Pre-Heresy suit or termy armour, I know im not the best with green stuff, but I like to think getting there.