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The Return From Sternac

Hi all,
it has been a fair while since I have posted anything, so for that I apologise, however I now have an new house, with a dedicated gaming room! So look for battle reports in the near future, I know Blackmane is itching to have a brawl with my Iron Lords/Ultramarines/Tau, so hopefully soon we can get together and play. Have got the materials worked out, and the table will be 6'x4' (not including the 12" of non-gaming reserve/ cup of tea space on either end lol). Speaking of gaming myself and Blackmane had a game of Kill Team  at the start of July and with my stuff in storage, I borrowed his Imperial Guard, having never used them in my life, I was quite astounded to actually win the game, having gone the full 6 turns I had all but annihilated Blackmane's Space Wolves, thanks to some lucky rolls and 3 Auto-cannons, fear the Lasgun people, I'm telling ya......