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From Tech Lovers to Werewolf Hunters: The Iron Lords of the Grendl Stars

Hey all,  been a long time since I have posted anything, I have spent many weeks wandering the warp trying to find direction for my Iron Lords and I think I have found it. I was checking out BoLS (like I do everyday) and read an article on '40K Law' about lesser races in the Universe, and to my surprise the first article was about the Barghesi, ( the race in the Grendl stars that the Iron Lords have been confining to that system as well as stopping the Tyranids from harvesting their genes. For some reason, I have no idea why, I never looked up Barghesi (or any of its other spellings) to find out a bit more about it. The Barghesi origins point to a creature knows as the Bhargest, a black goblin dog type creature that inhabits England and many other parts of the world.

BarghestBargtjestBo-guest,BargheistBargeist , BarguistBargest or Barguest is the name often given in the north of England, es…