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New Dice! For That Ultramarine In Me...

Well, today I got a nice surprise from Mr Postman, the arrival of my Ultramarine themed dice.

 I was looking for some more, as I forgot mine at the Showdown, and i had to borrow Blackmanes, and he used his Dark Eldar green ones, so I thought I'd better get some more, as you can never have enough dice!

SotA Christmas Showdown: An Overview

Well, the dust has settled on the battlefield and Blackmane and my self had a pretty tough match, with bot armies fighting valiantly, however there could only be one winner, so congrats to Blackmane on his victory. I do have the full battle report and I will post it when I remember everything, but for now here is in outline of what happened.

Battle Missions: Ambush
Attacking force is deployed in the middle of the board, within 6" of the centre line, and more than 12" from the longest edges. The defending player can then postion anywhere he want on the board (if i remember rightly).

Turn 1:
Combat saw my Tau commander dragged away by Blackmanes Hellions, but took out 2 of them.
Archon dropped the webway portal
Broadside shot the Archons shield away.

Turn 2:
Blackmane failed to gain any reserves, after failing his roll.
Tau commander got dragged further away, but took out another 2 Hellions
The death of the Tau bodyguard who was shot by embarked Kabalite Warriors

Turn 3:
The a…