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Painting Uruk-Hai

Well with my new found drive for both Skaven and Lord of the Rings, I thought I'd share how I do my Uruk's. They're probably the simplest of Middle-Earth's creatures to paint as it is based around only two major colours really.

The Fall of Corian IV: Mission 5 - The Allies Show Themselves

Hi all

Today I bring the fifth mission for the Fall of Corian IV campaign.

I'd also like to say that I'm looking forward to Zebulon getting back into the Lord of The Rings game again (see post below this one). It'll be good to play it again seen as we haven't played The Lord of the Rings for about 4+ years.

As always comments are most welcome and thanks for reading


Read on for Mission 5

Going Full Circle....Or Should That Be Ring Shaped....

Well, it was about 8 years ago that myself and Blackmane found our way into the world of war-gaming through a magazine known as Battle-games in Middle Earth, yes dear folks I am talking about the Lord of the Rings.