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Skaven Army Project Log: Stormvermin Front And Centre

Hey all,  just a quick post on my Skaven Stormvermin, haven't had much chance to build them yet, as work seems to be getting in the way a bit at the minuet, but today I managed to get the Fangleader, Musician and Banner Bearer built, and found the only suitable position to fit Queek in as I am learning the hard way that you need to build everything so that it fits together with the rest of the unit, true, I knew this before building the squad, but I never fully realised how difficult and frustrating it is to get it right, and make the unit look dynamic, for example the Fangleader was completely hidden behind the banner when I had it arranged originally, which diminished the impact of his stance, but anyway, that's sort of resolved now.

The full 20 man (or should that be rat?) unit will be built by the end of tomorrow, just in time for the arrival of my Clanrats... Also, it is worth noting that the current banner is only temporary as I intend to make on out of green stuff that…

Lord of the Rings Pictures 2

Hi all

For my post today I bring a couple of picture's of another of my latest LotR models. To see the previous pictures go here

Anyway on with the pictures.