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Showing posts from February 20, 2011


Hi all

Just a quick post to say thankyou to everyone who has visted Sign of the Aquila because today we've reached the 10,000 views milestone so again thankyou very much for that. I hope you all keep coming back to continue to see what myself and Zebulon get up too.

I agree with what Blackmanes just said, I know 10,000 views might not seem much in the wider world of the internet, but for our little corner of the web I'm fairly chuffed, it's just nice to see people looking at what we're doing.

All the best and have a good day.

Blackmane and Zebulon

Hobby Drill #2 (multi-tool/grinder)

Hi all

So the other day I bought myself a Hobby Drill type thing. However after very little usage it seemed to develope a motor fault and lost a lot of its power and became very hoy if it ran for a minute. So  I had to take it back and get a replacement. And here it is.