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Showing posts from February 28, 2011

Dwarf - Skaven Showdown: My Thoughts

Hi all

Today I'm doing a post on my thoughts about the upcoming battle to the death between my heroic dwarves and Zebulon's nefarious skaven As I'm sure your aware this will be mine and Zebulon's first venture into the old world so getting first blood in a new system is obviously high on our priorities even though we're not really competative gamers by any means.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed But Always Blue!

Today I bring greeting from Macragge in the form of the power armoured version of Lord Calgar, I did this some months ago and fully intended to post it, but then the Tau seemed to get all the attention..... As much as I do like the new Calgar in his Termy armour, there's something I can't quite place that draws me to this model, which explains why I have two of them...