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Look to the Skies....While You Still Can

Hi all

Today I bring some pictures of the latest finsihed Dark Eldar models for my Kabal of the Blazing Sun. The unit in question are my Hellions. I have to admit I originally wasn't too keen on these models when they first came out. However they grew on me and when it came to adding a final unit to my list for the christmas battle against Zebulon's Tau, they fit in just nicely. By which I mean points wise. I had been looking to add Reavers but with the points I had left they wouldn't fit in. So it was Hellions. And I was really glad I got them. They really helped in the game, dragging the Tau Commander away from his bodyguard and halfway across the table.

So without any more delays, I present the Hellions of the Flare Riders.