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Warhammer Scenery WIP 5

Hi all

So I bring another update. Two posts in the same day, I don't think think I've done that before. Anyway I've now almost finished the buildings. Just a few details to do and then they're done. So since this morning I've highlighted the tiles, highlighted the wood, painted and washed (or rusted) the silver metal area's and painted the wall crosses. All thats left to do now are all the skulls, the little 'things' on the tops of the roofs, the sun, the moon, the flames in the braziers and the little comets on the chapel. Should be done before I go to bed so finished pictures should be up tomorrow. Speaking of pictures here are some of how it currently is.

Warhammer Scenery WIP 4

Hi all

Today I bring some more pictures of the Warhammer scenery I've been working on now I've got a bit further. I have got the stonework drybrushed with a lighter shade, basecoated all the wood (very boring pianitng brown for a long time), added a lighter blue to the blue area on the tower in the same fashion as the walls and painted and washed all the roof tiles. They'll be highlighted when the wash is dry.

So on with pictures.