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Dwarves WIP 1 (Pic Heavy)

Hi all

So this is the first post in quite a long time. Probably the longest without a post here on Sign of the Aquila. Since coming back home from university I've taken a little bit of a break from painting and such. Just to recharge my hobby batteries seen as I had turned out a lot of stuff just before coming back. As for Zebulon, he unfortunately is still without a laptop. Though I saw him about a week ago and he is still slaving away at the skaven horde and is also starting to give his Ultarmarines some attention in preperation for a game he's owed someone for a year or two in exchange for some terminators he was given.

Today I thought I'd bring SotA back to life with some WIP shots of my dwarfs as they stand at the minute. For the most part they're not all that far along really but hopefully that'll change over the next few weeks.

So on with the pictures.

First up my Dwarf Lord/Thane. He's about half done at the minute and will probably be the modle I st…