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Blackmane's Dark Eldar: Reinforcements

Hi all

Today I bring an update to my Dark Eldar Kabal. There have been a fair few new releases over the past month and I've bought most of them (I would be getting wracks, grotesques and a haemonculi but wayland is cancelling all finecast orders due to a number of flaws they found).

So first up are some pictures of the models I've assembled so far.

Razorwing Jetfighter I started assembling this the same day I got it I was that excited. I think the model is great. It just looks sleek and deadly, just how it should look. As can be seen from a couple of the pictures below it is notably smaller than a Valkyrie. One thing that isn't clear enough on the photo's is just how much thinner it is compared to the Valkyrie. It really does highlight the difference between the bulky Imperial Craft and the sleek  craft of the Dark Eldar/Eldar.