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Review: Liquid Green Stuff

Hi all

Today I bring a review of GW's new poduct Liquid Green Stuff. Now I will admit that this is based on a bit of use on a couple of my Dreadfleet ships and not an extensive test on lots of stuff but hopefully it will give you a rough idea what the product is like.

I first saw the product on Saturday and I have to say I was curious. I didn't buy any at the time but got it the next day after assembling a couple of Dreadfleet ships. Based on the description of the product in White Dwarf (yes I do buy the magazin every month), it is used to fill in small holes and joints. I thought that sounded like just the stuff I needed to fill in a few bits an pieces and will save me the effort of mixing some green stuff up and then wasting half of it (thats what usually happens anyway).  So I gave it a go and here are some pictures.

 Note the gap in the flame cannon turret.