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Dark Eldar Grotesques WIP 1

Hi all.

Today I bring some WIP shots of my latest project. I decided a while ago that I would like some grotesques in my Dark Eldar army, or at least have the option to include them. GW of course brought out a model but I really wasn't keen on it due to the singular pose and the fact that I'm still wary about finecast models. So with that in mind I started looking at ways to make them myself. Luckily for me GW also brought out the Varghiest / Crypt Horror box. I knew this kit would be right for making them so I bought some. I would have set to work on these sooner but at the time I was at uni and I had left the required bits I had intended to use back at home.

So on saturday I decided I'd actually get on with it and get my grotesques converted. So here are some pictures of my work so far.