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Hobby - Homemade Painting Stands

Hi all

Today I bring a little hobby article (hopefully) for your enjoyment.

Now as some of you may know I've recently been busy painting my Covenant of Antarctica fleet for Dystopian Wars (DW). A game I highly recommend. When it comes to undercoating my miniatures I usually attach them to some cardboard strips with double sided sticky tape  allowing me to hold them without touching the models and making a mess of the undercoat. Now I'm sure most of you out there do this is someway and it works well enough for models with bases. The DW ships aren't a problem as I don't need to undercoat the bottom of them so I can just stick them down too. However the flying models are a bit more of a challenge. There's no where I can hold them without stopping parts been undercoated and they don't stick to cardboard so well.

Now I could just put them on their flying stands and spray them but I don't want to get those all covered in paint. I had thought about buying some mor…