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Covenant of Antartica: Plato Class Cruisers

Hi all

Today I bring some more pictures of some completed Covenant of Antarctica models. This time its the turn of the Plato Class Cruisers. These came in the starter fleet box but I've only just got round to painting these ones. They are very similar in size, shape and style to the Zeno Class Cruisers that I painted in the first batch of models. The obvious difference is that these ships have a turret at the front and rear of the model rather than one main weapon like the Zeno Class ships. I think the best use of these ships will be to gang up on bigger ships and try to inflict damage at range bands 1 or 2 with lots of linked fire. With a shield generator each they may survive a little longer up close but ultimately I won't expect them to survive the whole game at that range against a bigger ship/s.

To the pictures!