Flight of the Eagles

Hi all.

So its been a while since anything was posted at Sign of the Aquila. I think this is just due to myself and Zebulon been quite busy with stuff outside of the hobby for the last month. That's not to say we haven't done anything hobby related. Pictures have been going backwards and forwards between our phones quite regularly on projects we've been working on. 

Today I bring a few pictures of some completed models. They're not the best pictures as I found them quite awkward to photograph. 

First up there is the completed Gwahir model. This is the new finecast one that came out a couple of months ago. I think it a much nicer model than the original great eagle model for the Lord of the Rings range. Been finecast it was easy to assemble. The tail section wasn't the best fit but a little carving away of resin in certain places got it to sit better in its correct position. 

Next up are the two plastic eagles. Again released a couple of months ago. I ordered these from a store the day they came out. I have been wanting plastic eagles for ages. Again they went together really well. This is something I've been seeing with GW plastic kits recently and have seen people making comment about. I'm not saying they didn't go together well before but the more recent ones just seem to have been better thought out in the way they're assembled and the details they're getting on plastic models now is fantastic. Again this has been seen on the generic plastic character models we've been seeing in each release. 

The eagles were all generally quite easy to paint. I started by airbrushing the basecot on. In this case it was rhinox hide (scorched brown) followed by a drybrush of bestial brown and then
xv-88 (I think that's the right name. I'm still uncertain on many of the names of the 'new' paints). The claws were done with Iyandan Darksun and washed with Ogryn Flesh. I can't remember quite how I did the beak. I believe it was a slight variation on the way I usually do bone (graveyard earth base, devlan mud wash, kommando khaki highlight, bleached bone highlight), though I don't think I went as light as bleached bone. The bases still need some static grass just to finish them off however I currently don;t have nay as I left it at home thinking I wouldn't need it. 

Well that's it for this post. As always thanks for taking the time to have a look and please feel free to leave any comments, be they good or bad or somewhere in between.


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