Pursuit of Perfection: WIP Emperor's Children Test Model

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So my legion of choice is the Emperor's Children. Today I bring you the first WIP post and the progress of my first test model.

I also said in my last post (Into the Horus Heresy I Go) that I would briefly say why I had chosen this legion. I'll do this after the couple of pictures of the test model. 

First the test model. I decided to use one of the master of the chapter as my test model for my Emperor's Children. Firstly he's wearing an appropriate mark of armour and secondly he has a great big aquila across his chest. Very fitting for the Emperor's Children I think. The only real change I made to the model was to sculpt hair onto the head as I didn't think a bald head really looked right. I have magnetised both the sword hand and the powerfist so that in furture I will be able to swap his weapons as and when I want. Essentially he'll be the jack of all weapons captain choice, having a wide selection of choices to fit what I feel I need him to do. 

More after the break.

As for the colour scheme I've gone for what I feel is a slightly lighter shade of purple to that you see in some artwork. I didn't want them to be a deep purple colour as I have seen them done but neither did I want them the pink colour they end up being by the 41st millennium. I used screamer pink as the base, a wash of thrakka green (I don't know its new equivalent), re-set the base, 50/50 highlight of screamer pink and pink horror and then I can't remember whether it was a fine highlight with pink horror followed by a small amount of emperor's children on very sharp points or just a very small highlight of emperor's children.  I decided on a cream colour for the cloak lining just to offset against the purple and same with the lighter shade of blue for the outside of the cloak. After that its mainly details to do many of which are going to be gold. I'll be trying out a different way to doing gold than usual as I want it to be brighter. My usal gold technique tends to be darker and can look more brass/bronze coloured at times which is fine for my Space Wolves but I feel the Emperor's Children need quite a clean, shiney gold.

So now I'll move on to why I chose this legion. The main reason was the Horus Heresy book Fulgrim. I absolutely loved reading it unlike the following book Descent of Angels which while good I found to drag in some places and characters never really appealed to me. Now my interest in the Emperors Children, while mainly coming from Fulgrim, was probably started when they made an appearance alongside the Luna Wolves in one of the first three books (I forget which it is). However when it came to deciding on a legion it would have been very easy to choose the Luna Wolves, got to like Loken, or even the Death Guard, got to like Garro too. However it was after finishing the Fulgrim book that I knew for certain that I would choose the Emperor's Children as my legion. 

Now this lead's on to just what period of the heresy will my force be set in. Mine will be set between the campaign against the Laer and the eventual end of the loyalists on Istvaan III. Quite a large time span I know but my force will pretty much focus on the more loyal side of things. While I've seen what appear to be the early noise marine pictures from the FW/BL weekender, which I like the look of, I don't think I will be adding them. They just won't fit with the loyalist theme I want. Also I would really like to see the 2nd version of Fulgrim released as well as the 1st version. 

So there we go. I'm well and truly on the path into the 31st millennium and I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this project very much. 

Well that's it for this post. As always thanks for taking the time to have a look and please feel free to leave any comments, be they good, bad or somewhere in between. 


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