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The Hobbit: Balin and the Goblin King

Hi all

Today I bring a couple of models that I've just finished. From the title of the post I'm sure I don't really need to tell you what models I've been painting. I've been working on the Goblin King for the last couple of weeks doing a bit at a time as I've had the time. Balin I started at around 11 last night and had him almost finish by about 1 this morning. 
Up first is Balin. I'm really happy with how he's turned out. He was a relatively simple model to paint as he's essentially all red. However doing him all the same shade of red would have looked a bit odd so while both share the same basecoat and wash they are highlighted differently. From the pictures I had of Balin his outer robe was darker while his inner robe was lighter a bit lighter in colour. For the inner robe I added orange to the mix to lighten it while the outer robe had a little grey added to it. His beard was just painted grey with white added over the top on the highest parts. …