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Into the Horus Heresy I Go

Hi all

Today's short post is all about my intention to start a Heresy themed army. Now this post has been coming for a while as I first got the idea to start a heresy army sometime before christmas. However despite getting the first of the FW Horus Heresy books I was still unsure as to whether I would actually start the army or if the idea was just a whim that would go away. I eventually got a model to start doing a test scheme on which has been WIP for a couple of months now. This is partly just due to limited painting time and wanting to paint other things in that limited time. 
Now, however, I have taken the plunge and bought the start of my army. So far it consists of 3 ten man tac squads, a heavy weapon squad and an outrider squad. I have gone with the Mk IV style armour for the stuff I've bought so far as its the Mk I like the most and I think is most fitting for the legion I've chosen based on what I've read about them in the fluff. I will add a few other amour Mk…