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Pursuit of Perfection: WIP Emperor's Children Test Model

Hi all
So my legion of choice is the Emperor's Children. Today I bring you the first WIP post and the progress of my first test model.
I also said in my last post (Into the Horus Heresy I Go) that I would briefly say why I had chosen this legion. I'll do this after the couple of pictures of the test model. 
First the test model. I decided to use one of the master of the chapter as my test model for my Emperor's Children. Firstly he's wearing an appropriate mark of armour and secondly he has a great big aquila across his chest. Very fitting for the Emperor's Children I think. The only real change I made to the model was to sculpt hair onto the head as I didn't think a bald head really looked right. I have magnetised both the sword hand and the powerfist so that in furture I will be able to swap his weapons as and when I want. Essentially he'll be the jack of all weapons captain choice, having a wide selection of choices to fit what I feel I need him to do.