Army of the White Hand: Saruman

Hey all today I bring the final post of Blackmanes spectacular Xmas presents, Saruman!

As I'm collecting a White Hand army, Saruman is my clear leader and standout in the force, true I have Lurtz, Ugluk, Captains, Sharku, Shamans and even Wormtongue, but Saruman was the one who created the Uruk-Hai. As I originally started collecting the Battle Games in Middle Earth magazine some 13 odd years ago I have a Saruman on foot, which at the time I believe Blackmane did for me when we were both starting out, which is ironic that he's painted both version of my commander in chief 14 years apart....

I've never hand Saruman of horse before an it will add some extra mobility to him on the battlefield. Also the pose really takes me, it's not a gallop but it looks like he's just come to a stop, which is very apropo for e general on horse back. In short I'm chuffed to bits!

Well thats all for now and as always if you have any comments, be they good, bad or in between, please feel free to leave them below!


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