Army of the White Hand: Uruk-hai Pikemen and Swords

Hey all,

today I bring the second post on Blackmanes rather devine Christmas present. As with the wargs previously, I recieved 22 Pike and Sword Uruks.
Anybody who collected the Battle Games in Middle Earth Magazine will know that they were featured in issue 4 and these guys (along with a big does of the movies) were what cemented my love for all things evil in the Lord of the Rings SBG. Very simple to paint but always a treat to see on the battle field

I have had many of these guys over the last 14 years or so ( approx 60) but due to my own inability to store them properly when i was younger, they have mostly all broken, the pikes have snapped or the swords have snapped at the hilt, one even melted when I was trying to dry them using a halogen light!

So when Blackmane gave me these I was over the moon! His brilliant painting skills on one of my long time favourite kits was awesome! He kindly left me the bases black so I could of it how I wanted, I think Im going to go with a wet muddy look ala Helm Deep, I'm so very very chuffed with these guys and the wargs!

Well thats all for now, as always if you have any comments, whether they be good bad or in between, feel free to leave them in the comments below.


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