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Finished Cataphractii Terminators

Hey all,
I'm back today with my completed Iron Hands Cataphractii Terminators! Im exceptionally pleased with how they've turned out, so with out further adoo:

 First up we have Sgt. Crastus! Im very pleased with his skin and the highlights on his forehead, it adds depth to the face and his beady red eye give that cold mechanical feel to him.

This was a picture that I took before he was based, mainly to show Blackmane my progress, but you can see the effect I've painted on the power sword. The idea behind it was to emulate the fires of the forge, like a piece of worked steel. Darker orange on the inside to a brighter orange/yellow on the edges. It was done with successive yellow additions to vallejo orange red paint and then dry brushed on the edges. Since the above photo was taken another thin was of Fuegan Orange was given to it to blend the drybrushed layers together, the result is the first pic, giving it that hot glow.

Second we have Brother Orlac, he would be the acting Sgt if anything happened to Crastus. Again, I'm very pleased with his skin and the overall demeanor on him.

The other three brothers came out great too. Very robust looking and the weathering on the lower legs helps to suggest relatively new deployment, but actually being in a campaign. I've not tried any free hand on these guys as I intend to pick up the Iron Hand transfer sheet from Forge World on payday and apply them to give them a more Iron Hand Legionary feel.

I've done some quick bases with a dirt effect to them, they have all been painted in the same way as the weathering on the lower legs. The rhino hatch panel and lasgun were painted green, then muddied the same way as the bases.

Lastly I picked out the metal on Cpt. Aethon's armour, it needs washing and then some bronze adding to it to break up the mass of silver on him. however he is a project for another day!

Well that's all for today, feel fee to leave a comment below, whether it be good bad or inbetween!



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