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Seraphon Saurus Old Blood and Astrolith Bearer WIP

Hey all, I'm back once again with another WIP, this was more of a random tangent than a project. The Old Blood came in the same job lot as my Skink Priest and after stripping him down, I was short a weapon arm. It just so happens however, that on the Carnosaur sprues, there are 3 weapon for the rider, so I used one of those. The rock came from a random trip to the beach and looked perfect for a character (hero rocks ftw!). Since the photo was taken he's been undercoated black and I've added a little skull to the base to add some more subtle character to it. Really proud of this mini, mainly because it was so quick and effective to do.

Secondly here arrives my Astrolith Bearer! After playing my first game with my new Seraphon, the Astrolith Bearer made sense as the first addition. He can confer a +1 to casting rolls, which is very handy when using a Slann to try and bring in a Carnosaur!

He started out life as an old metal Temple Guard mini, and I've simply added lots …