The Drakwald Carnalites Blood Bowl Team

Zebulon back again with a slightly different foray into Blood Bowl, having already been playing with a Skaven team for the last few months and a glorious 0-9 game losing streak, I've decided to lose some speed and go for something with a little more punch!

Let me just say first, I love Blood Bowl, I'd never played it before the re-release last year and Im hooked! My gaming group have run a small league over the la
st 6 weeks and its been the most fun, yet most frustrating gaming experience I've ever had. Skaven for all their speed, don't really suit my play style. This is why I've opted for a different team for the new season we're going to start in a month or so (the finals of the mini league are in the next two weeks).

Having looked through the Teams of Legend roster from, I've opted for a Chaos Chosen Team with a Slaanesh theme. Slaanesh because I thought it would give me a wealth of modeling options for players and also I was inspired by the old history between Slaanesh and bulls, the very old keeper of secrets springs to mind. 

I feel the Beastmen Runners are versatile enough to suit every role I'll need in the team, after a few upgrades of course! They're average speed but seem a tougher than skaven but more adaptable the orcs and would run rings around dwarves. The blockers give some wanted grunt, though at 100,000 gold each I think, for my tastes, that's a little expensive for them as a base price. And lastly, who wouldn't want an angry minotaur on their team!

I was lucky enough to find a cheap box of beastmen on eBay and an 80's Blood Bowl minotaur that was reasonably priced too.

After having chopped off all the weapons and slightly deposing a couple of legs, voila,  7 runners. They're going to have Greenstuff pads and some bladed gauntlets added to them to armour them up a bit so they don't get totally smashed while carrying the ball.

The minotaur was a simple strip job just to get him ready for painting. I may add some detail to his pads but we'll have to see about that. 

Lastly we come to the blockers,  instead of going with the big meaty guys, seeing as is Slaanesh, I've decided to go some daemonettes instead. I was originally thinking about using some Dark Eldar incubi as blockers, but they are incredibly expensive! 

These two daemonette blockers (ignore the chap in the middle) were made from the old Dechala the Denied One mini. I received two incomplete models in a job lot I bought a few months ago, all I had to do was chop the swords off add snake tales, they're not the best but they'll do and give them a couple of heads. I'm actually going to reposition the heads as I didnt realise they'd be looking down so much when I glued them on before I'd fixed them to the base and given them tales. Also the brass knuckles are going to be redone as Im really not a fan of how they look now.

So there we have it, my 10 man Chaos Chosen Team. 

Feel free to leave any comments or criticisms or advice in the comments below and thats all for now,


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