40k Abandoned Factory Display: Barrels

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This is the next part of my Abandoned Factory Display, some gooed up barrels! The idea behind these is they will add some good LOS blocking terrain to what could be a very open area. 
This is my first attempt in tryingbto use resin as a sort of water effect, all be it a slimey version of it.

The barrel itself is made from a cocktail stick holder that has had a bottle lid placed in it to act as a false floor. The cocktail ho?der was rimmed down a little and then the lid was simply pushed in. Pure luck that they fit! 

It was then undercoated black and the painted Caliban Green. Chips and scratches were added using Boltgun Metal and Rhinox Hide and a little Ryza rust for good measure.

I painted a basic skull and covered it in Blood For The Blood God. This was left to mostly dry. The barrel was filled with 2 part epoxy resin, from my local Pound land. The bottom layer was mixed with Vallejo Scorpion Green and poured into the barrel. The skull was placed on top and then a shallower layer of clear resin was poured on top. This allowed allowed you to see the skull clearley but still have a gooey unbdetneath as the two layers swirled and mixed a little as it was being poured in.

My first tester barrel came rather well for a first try, so today I made another 3 buyt slightly differently. The same barrel making technique was used but the resin process was changed slightly.

The barrel on the far left and second from right were poured with resin that had a small amount of Carroburg Crimson in it. Just enough to colour the resin, but not enough to lose the transparity. The barrel second from right had its inside painted pink to help intensify the colour. The barrel on this left however had its interior painted green and it was then washed in Carroburg Crimson after setting. The has given it a dark matt effect, but is still noticeably a pinkish substance.

The barrel on the far right has a small piece cut out of it for damage and the resin was coloured with Biel-tan Green which turned it opaque but gave it a nice rich green hue. This was poured in and swirled to give a gooey effect and a small blob was vallowed to run down the outside of the barrel and set naturally, to give the effect of a small spillage.

My favourite little detail on this is the labels. They're marked as drinking water, but what can we see under the peeling label on the right? I'm making a dodgy factory afterall! They've since been given a wash of Agrax Earthshade to grimy them up a bit. 

Well that another little bit done. All the terrain is removeable and repositionable for gaming and photos. This week I hope to get the main interior of the factory done and undercoated but I feel it needs more SciFi and gothic trimmings, so I'll see what I can do!

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