40k Photography Backdrop

Hi all,

Today I'm back with a slightly different project than my Blood Bowl or Iron Hands, in an attempt to make my photos for the blog look better Ive invested in a small light box, which is winging its way through the post to me as we speak, hopefully I'll get some quality pictures out of it. But to avoid the plain white backgrounds or the jumbled painting station Ive had before, I've turned my attention to making a nice scenic background.

As you can see from the photos below and above it has an industrial feel, inspired mainly by the new mechanicus terrain.

The bitz themselves are some old model railway walls I had in my materials box and they worked well enough to be the wall and floor. The pipes are from and industrial set from eBay by a Russian company whose name escapes me right now, but they are not hard to get hold of. They also do a range of basic modular buildings that Ive had for years and think are very worth their money.

Ive had to keep it small enough to fit in my light box but be big enough to fit models on and I think I've got just the right balance. In the pic below you can see that there's enough space to  place models, but its not so big as to swamp the minis. 

I'm going to add a whole host of detail to this aswell, bits of paper a rat or two, leaking pipes I even think I have an oil barrel or two floating around. Im going to fill it with detail but I want it to be messy. I'll post some more pics when Ive got more done to it and Im beginning to think I'll need a small tripod too.

Well that's all for now, feel free to leave a comment below whether good bad or inbetween and thanks for reading.


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