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For Sigmar!: Lord Relictor

Hi all.

So today I bring a post about my recently finished Lord Relictor for my Stormcast Eternals army. Seen as I'm collecting the Hammers of Sigmar the Lord Relictor is actually named as one Ionus Cryptborn. I got him painted up and finished before my first ever game of AoS a few weeks back which was against Zebulon and his Seraphon. I think Zebulon would agree this guy was a real pain for him. In my first turn he oblitorated 3 skinks with lightning before over the next two turns taking out the rest of the unit more or less single handed. More importantly I kept him near Vandus Hammerhand and healed him multiple times keeping him in the fight the whole game.

With that said on to some more pictures.

Overall I'm happy with how he turned out. I think the weakest area on him is probably his standard. I think the paint job there got a little rough in places there but nevermind. I just followed the excellent painting video on the warhammer tv youtube channel when it came to paint…