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For Sigmar!: Retributors and Liberators

Hi all,

Today I bring a post on the first squad of Liberators and my squad of Retributors. Both of these are from the AoS starter set so the Retributor squad is only 3 strong. I have bought 2 extra Retributors off ebay to take them up to a 5 man unit however I hadn't done them at the time of writing this post. Both of the units were again painted up for my first ever game of AoS. Both units did fairly well if I remember correctly, with the Retributors coming on late but taking our Zebulon's Saurus riding Cold Ones who had butchered my Prosecutors and most of another Liberator squad.

Lets see some more pictures.

I'm happy with how they all turned out. It's a shame I hadn't managed to get my other 2 Retributors done along with these 3 but I'm sure if I follow the same video tutorial from warhammer tv they should match just fine. I really am finding the videos on warhammer tv very useful for painting the contents of the starter set and I'd highly recommend th…