End Times Nagash (Short) Review

Hi all.

So I haven't posted anything since I went on my sort of hiatus. However I have recently finished reading the End Times Nagash (the big book not the novel) and I thought I would do a brief review.

Firstly is the sheer amount of new background that is contained within the book. For me this was the main reason for wanting to read the book as I love the background material. Even so there was a lot to take in so I definitely wouldn't recommend trying to read the whole thing all in one go. I'm not saying it wouldn't be possible, but I feel if you rushed through it then you maybe wouldn't take it all in. 

I like that even though the story mainly revolves around The Empire, Chaos and The Undead a few other races get small parts. In the case of the Elves (all 3 kinds) and the Skaven they go on to get their own books detailing their involvement in more detail. So for me having a few sections about the Dwarfs (my fantasy army) was nice even though it doesn't go very well for them at all. The battle at Valaya's Gate was for me both an epic and very sad moment. 

I felt the conclusion of the book, which mainly focuses on Nagash's war with the Tomb Kings, was a good way to end the opening act of the story. It's not often that the background stories venture in to the Land of Dead so I really did enjoy this part of the book. War between armies that can't be killed and don't know fear or fatigue led to a very different pace in terms of how battle unfolds. It added a certainly sense of relentlessness which carried over into the story as a whole as the story relentlessly strove towards the climax of the first part of the End Times story. 

Overall I really enjoyed the book and I'm really looked forward to having the time to dive into the End Time Glotkin book.

Well that's all for today. Thanks for taking the time to have a read and please feel free to leave comments be they good, bad or somewhere in between.