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I apologise again for the lack of post, but as usual my life has been some what hectic as of late. Anyway, where to begin?.... ah yes, well as I said before Xmas I made and entered a diorama for my local GW and it kinda went badly. The minis were great, but that actual base warped and looked generally rubbish, there will be some low-res w.i.p. pics being posted soon, with the ideas behind what i did and a final finished one, I have since thrown away the base as it disappoints me to look at it :( But , I will post them pix once I get my laptop sorted, technical problems mean I can't connect to the internet unless I am sat next to the router and my computer has decided to take a disliking to my phone too, so uploading pics is a little hard at the minuet.

Over Xmas, myself and Blackmane had a 2000pt game of Planetstrike, which be both thoroughly enjoyed, congrats to Blackmane on winning (he was the attacker), and I am very much looking forward to the campaign that Blackmane has written so studiously over the last few months (The Fall of Corian IV), I'm even taking a week off work so we can do it properly! Not to mention that he's just ordered a bastion and a skyshield pad for the campaign! This campaign will be the first proper outing for the Iron Lords (with Ultramarine support) and it going to be a pleasure seeing them take to the battlefield, after spending so much time on both forces.

For Xmas, Blackmane generously bought me an Ironclad dreadnought, which is assembled and waiting to be painted lovingly, along with the Command Squad I purchased before Xmas and some Termies, which are going to be good old Ultramarines, they will all have pics, as well as the new characters (including termie Captain Amox, with Thunder Hammer and Power Fist, mwahaha...), they'll be posted over the next couple of where'd I put my brush....

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