Little and Large : Hobbit and Trolls

Hi all

Today I bring a few pictures of some of the models I've recently finished painting. Been a Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fan I've really been liking the new models that have been coming out for The Hobbit. As a result I bought the Escape From Goblin Town box, making it the first starter box I have ever bought. Then they released the great eagles in plastic and new Gwahir. Then the Rivendell Knights were recently released and I had to have a box of those. I've been wanting  plastic eagles and old style Last Alliance elves on horses for ages. But for today its a mix of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. 

First up we have Bilbo Baggins from the Escape From Goblin Town set. I think its a really nice models with plenty of detail for a plastic figure. He was really easy to paint  and it only took me maybe an hour and a half in total. For the most part I'm happy wit how the model has turned out although I'm not happy with the blue tint I put on the sword. I also need to go back and do the eyes. 

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