Hero of Gondor

Hi all.

Today I finished yet another model, go me! Still 50+ plus to go. Its lucky I enjoy painting.

Anyway on with the post. Today I finished one of my Boromir models. He was the first version of Boromir myself and Zebulon got. I have another two version's to paint which are fairly similar so I will do those at the same time.

One More Wolf For the Pack

Hi all.

Today I have a picture of my latest Space Wolf. Its the model I made to represent Erik Morkai. The model will primarily be used to represent one of the Masters of the Chapter in game's of Apocalypse. I will also use him from time to time, and the others, as Wolf Guard model's to lead other packs.

More New Chaos Demon models!

Hi all just a quick post.

I have just been on the GW website andthey have added yet more new Deamon models. There are now plastic Bloodcrushers and a model for Fateweaver.

Lord of the Rings Picture's

Hi all.

Today I have some picture's of my Lord of the Rings models that I've been painting the last few days.

March to the Sound of Drum's and Cannon's

Hi all Blackmane here.

Just a quick update to say that I've got my copy of Warhammer 8th edition along with all the bits you get with the Gamer's Edition. I can't wait to go through the entire book. So far I've all I've read are the rules for movement and little bits of the background stuff. Now all I have to do is is expand my Dwarf army a little bit so I can play some basic games. I could also do with a Dwarf Thane to lead my army rather than the engineer that currently does.

I will try to post more about Warhammer 8th over the next few days.

On a side not I got 11 more Lord of the Rings models painted. Hoepfully some pics will be over the next few days aswell.

Thanks for reading,