40k Abandoned Factory Display: Barrels

Hello all,

This is the next part of my Abandoned Factory Display, some gooed up barrels! The idea behind these is they will add some good LOS blocking terrain to what could be a very open area. 

RIP Alan Bligh

Myself and Blackmane would like to extend our condolences to the friends and family of Alan Bligh. 

Such a sad loss, a man who has brought fun and joy to thousands of people during his time with Forge World.

You will be missed sir.

40k Abandoned Factory Display: Bulkhead Light

Hey all I'm back again with another small update from my Abandoned Factory Display/photo backdrop/terrain piece, this time some more lighting..... a down light/bulkhead light. 

40K Abandoned Factory Display: Burning Rubble

Hello all,

Im back again with anoter update on my display/photography/terrain piece factory. I've added a couple of detail bits as you can see in the above photo. Firstly there's the pully and chain with a small hook on the end, perfect for hoisting up heavy things. The pully came from and old computer mouse and the chain came off eBay. Next there's the simple electricity box which are doors from a Hornsby engine shed and the electricity cable came from an old pair of earphone. Simple but effective in all 3 cases :)

40K Abandoned Factory Display: Crates

Hello all, 

I'm back again with a small update on probably my most ambitious project to date. This time I've started with the smaller crates and containers that are going to be scattered around the interior of the factory. 

40k Abandoned Factory Display

Hello all,

I'm back again today with my next display project. Next?! You say? Well yes. I really enjoyed making my last small backdrop so much, I've elected to make a bigger one. This will be for photography of larger models and squads and for table top play as well. I'm doing the centre section first, the interior then the exterior and then the addition of two ruined pieces for the ends. This should be enough to tide me over until 8th ed rolls along.

The Quest For Better Photography

Hello all, I'm here once again another hobby post this time not so much a painting or WIP post but my quest for better photography!

40k Photography Backdrop

Hi all,

Today I'm back with a slightly different project than my Blood Bowl or Iron Hands, in an attempt to make my photos for the blog look better Ive invested in a small light box, which is winging its way through the post to me as we speak, hopefully I'll get some quality pictures out of it. But to avoid the plain white backgrounds or the jumbled painting station Ive had before, I've turned my attention to making a nice scenic background.