Finished Cataphractii Terminators

Hey all,
I'm back today with my completed Iron Hands Cataphractii Terminators! Im exceptionally pleased with how they've turned out, so with out further adoo:

I Will Take The Ring To Mordor

Hi all.

Recently I've been wanting to get some of my LotR character's painted as a while ago I stripped a lot of them down to do again. While this means they will hopefully look better than before it has had the disadvantage of leaving me with few hero's (good and evil) to lead the various armies I have. So with that in mind a dug a few out and decided what better place to start than with the hobbit himself, Frodo Baggins. 

While he won't be leading any armies, he has uses in some scenario's and of course I want a fully painted Fellowship.

So on with some pictures. 

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Lizardmen/Seraphon Terrain

Hey all, I'm here once again with a couple of new pieces I've picked up for my Lizardmen/ Seraphon. The first of which is a rather nice vacuum formed pyramid from Amera Plastic Mouldings

Terminator Librarian Completed

Hi all.

Today I bring my completed Terminator Librarian. I'm very happy with how he's turned out for a model I was just painting between other projects. 

So lets get on with the pictures. 

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Zebulon's Scar Veteran on Cold One

 Hey all, I'm back once again with the continuation of my Seraphon army, this time I've started my Scar Veteran on Cold One, ready to lead my (eventual) 18 Saurus Cavalry chaps into the fray!

My Seraphon Skink Priest

Hey all, I'm back once again with another post on another project I've been working on. To go along with my Slann Starmaster there is this chap:

Zebulon's Necromunda Van Saar Gang WIP

Hey all, I'm back today with a new project I'm working on. My gaming group decided to start a Necromunda campaign, the first week of every month is Necromunda Wednesday. Ive never played Necromunda before but it seems very similar to Mordheim which I love, so I've started building a gang!

TT Combat Gothic Street Accessories Review


Hey all I'm back today with a quick review of the TT Combat Gothic Street Accessory pack, it arrived earlier this week and I've only just nicely put it together now;

My Stormcast Eternal

Hi all.

Today I bring a quick post with my first painted Stromcast Eternal. It's the one that came free with White Dwarf last year when AoS was first launched. I recently got it out as just something to paint whilst waiting for other projects to dry.

So on with some pictures. 

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