Scenery: Project River: Part 2

Hi all.

Today I bring a picture of my river sections so far.

As can be seen from the picture below I have now formed the banks of the river. This was done by adding scraps of carboard to the area's I had marked out as the banks. Then I used an all purpose power filler to create the banks. The cardboard allowed me to make the banks without having to have solid mounds of filler which would have made it 1. heavier and 2. more suseptible to breaking. The cardboard scraps also gave the filler something to stick to and also made it easier for me to shape the banks.

Disqus Comment System

Hi all,

Just a quick update to let you all know that Disqus has now been added to the blog. I've been trying to add it for the last couple of days but its only just worked but hopefully it will have been worth it. If there are any problems with it please be patient while I try and fix it.



Into the Old World I Go.

Hi all Blackmane here.

Today I advance ordered my copy of the new Warhammer rulebook. No less the general's edition with all the cool extra bits and pieces. Will it be worth it? I hope so, it's quite expensive as I'm sure you all know. So it looks like I'll be venturing into the old world, again.

More Pics

HI all Blackmane here.

Today I bring yet more pics. There seems to have been a constant stream of them as of late. Anyway, lets get them up.

Iron, Shell's and Sniper's

Hello Blackmane here.

Today I have some pictures of some of my latest models thats I've finished.

First up we have some Space Wolf stuff.

Consider yourself Vanquished!

Hi all Blackmane here.

Today I recieved my new Leman Russ tank in the post. And as soon as I had finished working some more on the river sections (See Scenery: Project River), I set to work assembling my new tank.