Iron Hands Captain Aethon

Hey all, today I return with my finished Iron Hands version of Captain Aethon, I'm going to rename him but I'm not sure what yet haha

The King of the Golden Hall

Hi all.

Today I bring a couple of pictures of the Theoden model I've spent some time on and got finished. If you've seen my posts over the last couple of weeks you may have noticed a theme in that I have dug out mostly Rohan hero's. This is partly because they were all in the same box and partly because the second biggest good army I have is a Rohirrim army. But it was an army with no painted hero's (not even any unnamed ones) which made it effectively unplayable.

Well now they at least have their King to lead them. On with some pictures.

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Eomer and Sam WIP

Hi all.

Today I bring yet another few WIP pictures of some more Lord of the Rings models that I dug out to work on. Today its the turn of Eomer and Sam.

On with a few pictures.

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The Smaller Shadow in the Flame

Hi all.

Today I bring a model that I've done for my Moria goblin army.  In this case it's a Dweller in the Dark. For those not in the know a Dweller is essentially a mini Balrog. It' not as strong or tough as the trolls available to a moria goblin army but it is capable of moving a lot faster and will hit well enough to cause trouble. I kind of see it as a unit to move quickly down a flank, hit relatively hard and survive long enough to draw enemy models to it. I could see myself getting one or two more to go with this one.

So lets get on with some pictures.

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Seraphon Saurus Old Blood and Astrolith Bearer WIP

Hey all, I'm back once again with another WIP, this was more of a random tangent than a project. The Old Blood came in the same job lot as my Skink Priest and after stripping him down, I was short a weapon arm. It just so happens however, that on the Carnosaur sprues, there are 3 weapon for the rider, so I used one of those. The rock came from a random trip to the beach and looked perfect for a character (hero rocks ftw!). Since the photo was taken he's been undercoated black and I've added a little skull to the base to add some more subtle character to it. Really proud of this mini, mainly because it was so quick and effective to do.

Secondly here arrives my Astrolith Bearer! After playing my first game with my new Seraphon, the Astrolith Bearer made sense as the first addition. He can confer a +1 to casting rolls, which is very handy when using a Slann to try and bring in a Carnosaur!

He started out life as an old metal Temple Guard mini, and I've simply added lots of spare to him. The standards are from the Saurus Warriors box and the little icons dotted over it are from the Saurus Knights box. The only thing is he is supposed to have a hand weapon, but without major conversion, I've only been able to give him a shield. His left arms is moulded to his body as he's supposed to be ranked up. But the shield has some nice sharp pieces of metal on it, which can count as a hand weapon haha.

Well that's it for today and lots more to come as always!


Gamling and Hama WIP

Hi all.

Today I bring a quick WIP post on 2 more LotR characters I've made a start on repainting. In this case it's Rohan hero's Gamling and Hama. Both are mid level hero's with characteristics slightly better than an average captain and with a special rule or optional piece of wargear thrown in for extra points. I've found both quite useful in the past so it'd be nice to have them all painted up again.

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