Dark Eldar: Bringing the Pain

Hi all

Today I bring some pictures of my finished Talos Pain Engine body. I have yet to do any of the hand pieces but they shouldn't take to long. So I've been working on this for the last couple of weeks and have now finished. Yes it was slow going I admit but I am very happy with how its turned out. I tried a new painting technique on my Talos by painting the little vessels on its body to look like glass jars with liquid in them. Its the first time I've tried this and I think its turned out good for a first attempt.

So on with the pictures and see what you think.

The New Ultramarine Standard

Well in my recent trawling of ebay I stumbled upon this fellow which I got for a very very reasonable £15.

He's a ltd edition Ultramarine Standard Bearer, released as part of the Skullz promotion in 1999/2000 (http://www.solegends.com/citle/citle2000/Skulz/skulzMarineStd.htm) , apparently to get enough Skullz to get him, you'd need to spend about £400, whether that's true or not I'm not sure. However, he's mine now and is going to be part of my Command Squad, which also contains the GD '98 Apothecary (http://www.solegends.com/citle/citle2000/GamesDay/gd1998apothecary.htm) and the OOP Captain I got last week too (http://www.solegends.com/citle/citle2000/armyboxes/ab40kMarineCaptain1999.htm). Plus some Tyrannic War Veterans. Also contemplating trying to get other Games Day Marine releases, but they're starting to get pretty pricey.

This is part of my project to build the whole named Ultramarine Command Structure, every company Captain and every named character. Will take a while, but will be worth it in the end.


Man O War/ Dreadfleet Teaser Trailer

Hi all.

Look what just appeared on GW's whats new today blog:

A teaser trailer for Man O War/ Dreadfleet (whatever its gonna be called).

Scenery: Finnished Eldar Webaway/Transporter Pads

Hi all

So it been quite quiet on Sign of the Aquila for a while now and I know its been a while since I last posted.

However today I bring the completion of a project thats been a long time coming now. I've finally finished my Eldar Webway/Transporter Pads and have some pictures to show off.

First the pictures.

General Updatery

Well hello all,
its been a while since myself or Blackmane has updated the blog, so I thought today I'd give a quick update to what we've been doing over the last few weeks, to try and get some momentum back into the posting.

Firstly, congrats to Blackmane on winning the Griffon challenge, which is thoroughly deserved. The photos of the model really don't do it justice, its even more amazing in the flesh!