Games Night

Hi all.

Today I went to my local GW for their gamesnight. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to have a game but I did meet a couple of people and got talking to them a bit so I may have found some people to play with next time. It also turns out there's gonna be a mini tournament so I'll have a go at that I think.

On a plus side I did manage to finish updating yet another Space Wolf squad. I got my second Blood Claw squad all done apart from the base but that can wait. Next up I think I'll do either my old terminators or I'll start on one of my Grey Hunter squads or possibly even do my dreadnought.

Anyway thats all for today. Thanks for reading.


Go check this out

Hi all

The other day I came across quite an awesome site, Master of the Forge, that I suggest you go and check out if you don't know about it already.

Or if you would just prefer to look at some pictures then go here.

Although I'm not a big fan of making marines that are better sized to fit the fluff these are very impressive. As are the models which are just 'ordinary' size.

Well thats all for today. Thanks for reading and go check out the sites.


The Wolves Are Coming!

Hi all.

Just a quick post today. I got my Space Wolves brought to me at Uni along with my paints so I can continue with the repainting I've been doing.

The Mighty of Ultramar

Hi all.

First off it looks like my post yesterday wasn't needed because I managed to get my internet sorted out quickly.

Anyway on to todays post.

Today I bring pictures of the suprise I was working on. When I mentioned it I couldn't say what it was because it was Zebulon's birthday present. However he now has it and so I can post pictures. From the title of this post you probably already know what it is. But just so its clear its Marneus Calgar and his Honour Guard.

So on with the pictures.

Going Away

Hi all.

Tomorrow (Thursday 16th), I'll be moving out from home because I'm about to start at Sheffield Hallam University. So I won't have the internet for a little bit meaning no posts from me for a while. However I'm sure you'll all be very safe in the hands of Zebulon while I'm gone lol. When I again have the internet I'll have some pictures to post so thats something to look forward to.

So thats all for now and hopefully I'll be back soon. Thanks for reading.


What I've Been Up to (Kind Of)

Hi all.

Today is just a short post.

I haven't added anything to the blog for a few days now. This is because my attention has been focused away from my models while I've been working on something else. I can't say what it is yet and I won't be posting anything more about it until Zebulon's seen what I've been working on, so keep an eye out. All I can say is I personally think its something quite special and hopefully it will be ready soon.