Gaming Trees On A Budget

Well with all the fantasy talk between myself and Blackmane and his exceptionaly painted manor house Ive picked up the scenery bug too. Everywhere I go Im noticing things that with a bit of work could be decent scenery.

The best so far are these potted trees I found in Poundworld, any as you may have guessed, they were £1 each!

Communication Breakdown

Not just the name of a rather brilliant song by Led Zeppelin but also the situation Ive found myself in with regards to blog posts, for you see my laptop has died on me and after 3 weeks of tinkering and waiting for bits it seems its going to cost me £250 to have it repaired, which thrilled me muchly this morning...

Anyway thats the explanation for my lack of posts, though Blackmane has done a rather splendid job of posting on the scenery we went halves on and the paint job is nothing short of superb.

This post is thanks to my Android phone and will be how I post over the next couple of weeks, starting tomorrow so stay tuned!

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Warhamer Fortified Manor Complete (Picture Heavy)

Hi all

Today I bring picture of the finished buildings from the Fortified Manor myself and Zebulon got. I've been painting it over the last few days and posting pictures as I went. first time I've done WIP posts. Anyway as I promised yeserday I have pictures of the finished buildings. The walls and fences will be done at a later date.

So on with the pictures.
The Chapel

Warhammer Scenery WIP 5

Hi all

So I bring another update. Two posts in the same day, I don't think think I've done that before. Anyway I've now almost finished the buildings. Just a few details to do and then they're done. So since this morning I've highlighted the tiles, highlighted the wood, painted and washed (or rusted) the silver metal area's and painted the wall crosses. All thats left to do now are all the skulls, the little 'things' on the tops of the roofs, the sun, the moon, the flames in the braziers and the little comets on the chapel. Should be done before I go to bed so finished pictures should be up tomorrow. Speaking of pictures here are some of how it currently is.

Warhammer Scenery WIP 4

Hi all

Today I bring some more pictures of the Warhammer scenery I've been working on now I've got a bit further. I have got the stonework drybrushed with a lighter shade, basecoated all the wood (very boring pianitng brown for a long time), added a lighter blue to the blue area on the tower in the same fashion as the walls and painted and washed all the roof tiles. They'll be highlighted when the wash is dry.

So on with pictures.

Warhammer Scenery WIP 3

Hi all

Today I bring some more WIP shots of mine and Zebulon's Warhammer Scenery. I got the stucco finished on the walls and while not as light coloured as GW's painting guide I quite like the way its turned out. After I had finished that I did the stone work and got it washed. At this point it was quite late, 1 or half 1 in the morning, so I decided to stop for the night. So here are some pictures of the finished stucco and the buildings look like this morning.

With the stucco finished.

Warhammer Scenery WIP 2

Hi all

So today I bring some more WIP shots of the Warhammer scenery myself and Zebulon have got. I got them undercoated earlier today and have just applied the first coat of paint to the walls. I'm going for a creamy colour, which they call stucco on the GW online painting guide. So I deciced to follow the guide to painting it so they've been based with Iyanden Darksun. The next stage will be a 50/50 mix with Bleached Bone.

Warhammer Scenery WIP (picture heavy)

Hi all.

Today I bring some WIP shots of some scenery for mine and Zebulon's upcoming Warhammer Showdown. We decided to go halves on some scenery and the first piece has come to me. The first piece we decided on was the Fortified Manor. I collected it yesterday from my local GW. It was the quickest delivery I know, dispatched on Thursday and there by yesterday (Friday). So I set about building it yesterday evening and to Zebulon's suprise, I had it all pretty much done by the time he text me on his way home from work. And so here we are with the first WIP shots so you can all see and so Zebulon can see how its going.


The main tower

The Lady of Lórien

Hi all

To kick off the month I bring a couple of pictures of the next member of the White Council box set theat I've painted. As you'll no doubt have worked out from the title of todays post the model in question is Galadriel. This version of her is what is sometimes called her 'war form'.

So on with the pictures.