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Tau Heavy Bombardment Hammerhead WIP

Hi all,

Back with the second update of my Tau extravaganza, this time I'm working on my first Hammerhead, equiped with 2 high yield missile pods and a smart missile system, the TX7 Heavy Bombardment Hammerhead Gunship. I really hope they come up with a catchier name for it eventually like..... Blackreef or Sturgeon or something.... Any way on with the pictures......

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For Sigmar!: Prosecutors and Liberators

Hi all.

Today I bring some pictures of a couple of squads I finished just before christmas as part of a push to finish the Stormcast I had from the starter set. The first to be finished were prosecutors and they were swiftly followed by the liberators. I will point out that the liberators aren't technically the ones from the starter. They are a third squad I assmebled from a liberator quick build box and a couple of liberators from the getting started with AoS magazine thing. I didn't really realise this as I dived into them so in my mind I had to change my challenge to 'finish an equivalent amount of stormcast from the starter set'.

Anyway lets get to the pictures.

So there we have it. Nice shiney squads of prosecutors and liberators. While I thnk the prosector models look really nice I can honestly say they were a pain to paint. That is maybe unfair. It was the wings that were a pain to paint, the rest of the model was no different to the liberators really. My advice…

New Year, New Painting Challenge

Hi all.

So with the new year now here and 6 days in, myself and Zebulon have settled on our first challenge. We've been having quite the discussion about challenges since our last one, for various reasons, and so in the not too distant future we'll be doing something we've not done before. For now though we kick off this year's challenges with a good, simple, painting challenge.

For anyone who has read Zebulon's posts this year so far, and a good read they are too,  they'll know he really wants to get on with his Tau who he feels have maybe been left in the shadow of his Imperial forces for a little too long. I, on the other hand, am not so focussed and so have plenty of projects lying around unfinished, new ones to start, etc.

This challenge then sees us tackling something on our desk. We have each picked one thing that the other has for them to paint. We gave each other a list of things and then picked one. There were a few rules. If the model was unassemble…

Tau Terrain WIP

Hi all,

Here's the first update of my slue of Tau goodness! I've started to look at making a few bits of Terrain to go with my force, inbetween painting my Riptide.

A Tau-riffic year!

Happy New Year all!

It was a pretty quiet month from myself and Blackmane hobby wise because of work and Christmas and the like. Though I did manage to squeeze in a 2000pt game just before. I dusted off my Tau and filled the field with them, but this time the Greater Good was turned back by some tenacious Grey Knights.

I love my Tau, I love the aesthetic and the way they are totally opposite the grim dark of the Imperium. Over the last few years Blackmane has done me some excellent models to go with my force but they don't see the field as much as I'd like.

So this year I've decided to concentrate my effort on playing and actually fully finishing my army (with maybe a couple of new additions on the way). I'm not saying that I'm leaving my various marines to gather dust (a certain blue primarch Xmas present has made sure that won't happen) but expect plenty of progress from the Greater Good and a slue of updates.

With the timeline movement of 8th edition, I'…

Slann Starmaster Reshoot

Hi all,
Im here again with another post, this time it's not something really new however it is one of my favourite models I've ever painted. I was never really happy with the pics I took to show it off, so now I've invested in better equipment I thought I'd give it another go..... so on with the pics!

Painting Challenge Winner

Hi all.

Just a quick post to announce the winner of mine and Zebulon's Painting Challenge. This time around it was my Gaunt Summoner vs Zebulon's Endrinmaster. After a week of votes the results were 4 votes to my Gaunt Summoner and 1 vote to Zebulons's Endrinmaster.

So that makes my Gaunt Summoner the winner for this challenge.

I think a well done to both of us for two well painting models and a thankyou to those who voted and those who just came to have a look.

Thanks for having a read.


For Sigmar!: Retributors and Liberators

Hi all,

Today I bring a post on the first squad of Liberators and my squad of Retributors. Both of these are from the AoS starter set so the Retributor squad is only 3 strong. I have bought 2 extra Retributors off ebay to take them up to a 5 man unit however I hadn't done them at the time of writing this post. Both of the units were again painted up for my first ever game of AoS. Both units did fairly well if I remember correctly, with the Retributors coming on late but taking our Zebulon's Saurus riding Cold Ones who had butchered my Prosecutors and most of another Liberator squad.

Lets see some more pictures.

I'm happy with how they all turned out. It's a shame I hadn't managed to get my other 2 Retributors done along with these 3 but I'm sure if I follow the same video tutorial from warhammer tv they should match just fine. I really am finding the videos on warhammer tv very useful for painting the contents of the starter set and I'd highly recommend th…

For Sigmar!: Lord Relictor

Hi all.

So today I bring a post about my recently finished Lord Relictor for my Stormcast Eternals army. Seen as I'm collecting the Hammers of Sigmar the Lord Relictor is actually named as one Ionus Cryptborn. I got him painted up and finished before my first ever game of AoS a few weeks back which was against Zebulon and his Seraphon. I think Zebulon would agree this guy was a real pain for him. In my first turn he oblitorated 3 skinks with lightning before over the next two turns taking out the rest of the unit more or less single handed. More importantly I kept him near Vandus Hammerhand and healed him multiple times keeping him in the fight the whole game.

With that said on to some more pictures.

Overall I'm happy with how he turned out. I think the weakest area on him is probably his standard. I think the paint job there got a little rough in places there but nevermind. I just followed the excellent painting video on the warhammer tv youtube channel when it came to paint…

Blackmane vs Zebulon Painting Challenge Showcase

Hi all,
So this post was meant to go up yesterday but unfortunately got delayed slightly. Anyway here are the pictures fo the finish models that myself and Zebulon have painted up as part of our challenge. A Kharadron Overlords Endrinmaster by Zebulon and a Gaunt Summoner by myself. 
So on with the pictures.