26 December 2016

Merry (Belated) Christmas from Blackmane and Zebulon

Merry Emperor Approved Christmas Everyone

Slightly belated I know, but neither myself or Zebulon had a chance to post anything yesterday. 

So with that I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wherever you are in the world. I hope you all got those things that you wanted and that next year will bring you everything you hope for.

Thanks for reading and hopefully we'll be back again with some hobby content soon.

Blackmane and Zebulon

26 October 2016

Finished Praetor Tribune Challenge

Hi all.

Today our Praetor Tribune challenge has ended and here we bring you the post with the finished models. Zebulon has painted his Tribune as an Iron Hand and I have painted mine as one of the Emperor's Children. 

So on with the pictures.

More after the jump.

13 October 2016

Tau Air Support: Zebulon's Birthday Present


So today I have a couple of new models to show off, as the title suggests they are reinforcements for my Tau force to compliment my Barracuda. It was my 30th last week and Blackmane presented me with these two! It's an annual tradition between myself and Blackmane that 99% of the time we give each other painted models for presents. Its great on many levels as a painted model for a gift shows time and dedication and thought put in to what your giving as well as the gift itself, it also gives us something a little different to tackle too!

12 October 2016

Painting Challenge: Praetor Tribune


Hey all,
today I'd like to announce the start of another of mine and Blackmane's painting challenges. This time we're tackling the 30k Praetor Tribune that was released back in July. same rule apply as last time, 2 weeks from today is the deadline, from fresh to finshed! Let battle commence! 


30 September 2016

Scrap Iron Hands Project: Iron Captain Morvellon


So today I took a detour from my Tactical Squad work and built a new Iron Captain for my Scrap Iron Hands. Ironically, most of the pieces on this mini are new and not scrap pieces....

29 September 2016

Slaughter Priest Painting Challenge Results

Hi all.

So here are the results of the Slaughter Priest Painting Challenge. 

Results after the jump.

Scrap Iron Hands Project: Tactical Squads WIP

Hey all, I've go an update today about my Scrap Iron Hands project, today I'm looking at my Tactical Squads. I've assembled 3 of these from mostly the various bits that I already accumulated from job lots:

28 September 2016

Hama Complete

Hi all.

So another quick post to show my completed Hama model for my Rohan army. For anyone who doesn't know who Hama is, he is the unfortunate guy who is the first to be killed by a warg during the warg attack in The Two Towers. 

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