Zebulon vs Blackmane Painting Duel

Hi all,
Zebulon here putting up a quick post on myself and Blackmane's latest painting duel. Its been a fair while since we did one of these, I do believe the last one was the Island of Blood Elven Prince on Gryphonne, which was quite a while ago! Anyway we have decided to pick each others this time round from the new range of plastic heroes that GW is currently releasing.

After much thought I opted for the Empire Captain of the Empire for Blackmane

and he went for the Vampire Counts Wight King for me.

We have until next Sunday to complete the mini however we see fit then a poll opens after to determine the winner! Lets get to it!


Update. The end day for the challenge has now been shifted to Thursday the 4th of July.

Pursuit of Perfection: Emperor's Children Captain WIP 2

Hi all

Today I bring the 2nd WIP post on my Emperor's Children Captain. I haven't got a lot more done on him however I think he's really starting to look the part now so I thought I'd share the progress I've made. 

 As you can see half the grip and the pommel on his sword hilt have gone. Where it's gone I have no idea and actually didn't know it had been damaged until I came to take this picture. I can only assume it broke off when he got dropped a couple of days ago though how I didn't notice at the time is a mystery. I will have to find something to replace it. 

Hunt the Fallen: Dark Angels Captain

Hi all

Today I just have a quick post of the Dark Vengeance Dark Angels Captain I've been painting up for a bit of fun. 

I have to say I really do like this model. The detail on it is really good. Again GW showing just what they can achieve with plastic when they put their minds to it.

So on with the pictures!