The Best 40K Building Kit I've Found So Far

Hi all,
righty so a couple of weeks ago I found this "Scorched Ruin" scenery kit on ebay and though for the price, approx £2.50 per kit ($3.94) including postage from Russia! Anyway I decided it was worth a gamble and bought 5 kits thinking that £12.50 for 5 building was a decent enough deal.

Dystopian Wars comes to Sign of the Aquila

Hi all

Today I bring news that I am taking my first step into a new game outside of GW's systems. And of course from the title of the post that new game is Spartan Games Dystopian Wars. I've been looking at Dystopian Wars for quite a while now and finally decided to give it a go. What finally got me started? Well after actually getting round to assembling my Dreadfleet models (Yes I did buy it though I haven't played it yet)  I decided that I would actually quite like to play a game with ships that was more than just a one off game. Of course Sparten Games also does Uncharted Seas but seen as I had already been looking at Dystopian Wars for a while it was a natural choice. So with that I set out to the independent stores in Sheffield in an effort to find out if any of the stocked the stuff. As luck would have it a new store opened up not long ago called The Outpost and they stock Dystopian Wars stuff. I hadn't been in before so didn't know that at the time. Anyway after going in and finding that they did stock it,  I got the chance to actually have a game as well. I have to say that I had still been a little hesitant about starting Dystopian Wars but after playing that game I knew that it was a game I wanted to get in to.

So with that I had a better look at what they had and went with the force I'd already party settled on, The Covenant of Antarctica (or CoA from this point on). The main reason for this is that after looking at the various forces available I liked the models for the CoA the most. Having said that the Kingdom of Britannia fleet that I played my introduction game with were very nice models that I felt didn't really come across well in the pictures I had looked at. I would definitely consider getting them as a second force in the future.

So after deciding on my starting force all I had to do was buy the stuff. So up next are some pictures of the stuff I've bought so far and a few of my initial thoughts.

First up the core rule book itself. Its a very nicely printed and put together book in my opinion. I've only had a brief look through the rules so far but they seem to be in a fairly logical order with plenty of examples dotted throughout. I know some people have said that some of the rules can come across as more complicated than they actually are but that's something I haven't really come across. In terms of price is is also very reasonable at just £16 which is a lot cheaper than GW's big rulebooks and less than many of the current army books and codex's.

V For Victory!: The Vostroyan Option

Hi all,
well today I bring the start of my new slow burner project (as if I don't have enough already!). With all the recent chatter about allies being reintroduced into the 6th Ed rules, I though I might as well try and get a jump start on adding another ally option to my armies. The current rumours have the Tau being protected by the Space Marines, which for me is great! Ultras and Tau in perfect harmony! However I fancied adding something different, just for a bit of variation model wise and tactically too!

New Models and They're Not GW....Shock Horror

HI all,

Today  Sign of the Aquila takes it first step away from GW models. Yes its heresy I know but we'll be coming back to good old GW soon enough. I've been meaning to do this post for about 2 weeks but just haven't had the time.

So where does this first venture from GW take me? To the miniatures produced by Kingdom Death. I've been looking at their models for quite a while now since I first became aware of them through Bell of Lost Souls. So the other week while looking at their site and taking a liking to one of the limited edition models they had at the time, I took the opportunity to order it and one of the others that I liked.

So here we are the first 2 non-GW models that I've come to own.