At Long Last

Hello all.

Today I managed to get some pictures taken of some of the models I've been working of and a couple of pics of ones that I decided I wanted to show. So lets get started.

More Iron Lords......

Wow! Two blogs from me in less than a week, and no, the world hasn't ended! Anyway.... I did say since I've discovered how to brighten my pics on the laptop I'd post some more of my Chapter Master/ Master of the Forge Hoban Lakor, these have not come out as well, but they're better than the first one I put up.

New Blog Post...The Newest Iron Lords

Hi all,
well I did say I was going to post some new pictures, and here's the first few, nicely brightened up by my laptop!

The Bastion and Skyshield

Hey all

So I got my Bastion and Skyshield Landing Pad yesterday and had them assembled by the end of the day. I have to admit I'm very impressed with the Bastion kit and I will definatley be getting more at some point. I might even try my hand at combining a couple of kits to make something bigger. I'm also equally impressed with the Skyshield kit although there was alot of cleaning up to do on barricade parts.
Once I've got the stuff I need installed on my computer I'll be able to take some pictures as I paint them and I will also be able to get some pictures of all the other models that I've done over the past couple of months.

Well thats all for today



New Year, New Banner

So you may have noticed that Sign of the Aquila has a new banner at the top of the page. Myself and Zebulon decided that we wanted to change it so i've put together the one you now see at the top of the page. It still might be changed again or adjusted in some way depending on what Zebulon thinks. It would be nice to know what you all think of the new banner and if you have any suggestions feel free to let us know in the comments.


First of (hopefully) Many to Come

Hi all Blackmane here.

Firstly I'd like to appologise for the lack of posts. Life's been a bit busy for the last few weeks. Anyway where to begin.

Well firstly as Zebulon said in the previous post we had our first game of planetstrike over christmas (and our first battle for a while). I think I can safely say it was a game enjoyed by both of us. It was the first outing for my Space Wolves under the new codex and I have to say that i'm most impressed. The blood claws are still dangerous in close combat and the grey hunters are still very effective at providing close range fire and are not to far behind the blood claws in close combat. Though I have to say that i'm most impressed with Njal. He managed to use most of his pyshic powers and was able to stop Zebulon from using Tigurius effectively.

New Post!

Hi All,

I apologise again for the lack of post, but as usual my life has been some what hectic as of late. Anyway, where to begin?.... ah yes, well as I said before Xmas I made and entered a diorama for my local GW and it kinda went badly. The minis were great, but that actual base warped and looked generally rubbish, there will be some low-res w.i.p. pics being posted soon, with the ideas behind what i did and a final finished one, I have since thrown away the base as it disappoints me to look at it :( But , I will post them pix once I get my laptop sorted, technical problems mean I can't connect to the internet unless I am sat next to the router and my computer has decided to take a disliking to my phone too, so uploading pics is a little hard at the minuet.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We hope that 2010 will be a great year for you all.

Blackmane and Zebulon