Weekly Blackmane Post - 2

Hey all.

So what have I been up to this week.

Well firstly i've been working on the drop pod from my Space Wolf Battlefore box. So far it is looking to bad as you can see from the pictures below.

Space Wolf Battlefore

Hey all

Today i got my Spac Wolf Batlleforce. I ordered it on the day it came out and have been waiting for it to arrive and today I got my paws on it.

For those who maybe aren't aware the battleforce contaisn the following:

 20 Space Wolves (Assembled as either Blood Claws/Grey Hunters/Wolf Guard)
5 Scouts
1 Drop Pod

Weekly Blackmane Post - 1

Ok so I have deicided to try and do a weekly update on all the things i'm working on as well as other updates about more specific things.

Firstly a quick update on the Space Wolves. I finished painting my Njal model and i think its possibly one of the best if not the best model i've painted. Zebulon would possibly agree. I've also been busy painting Lukas a little bit at a time. I have also been doing the odd little bit here and there on the rest of the army although I'm not planning on doing much until i get my battleforce so i can add some new things and make al my squads legal again without having to remove a memeber of the squad.