Painting Challenge Winner

Hi all.

Just a quick post to announce the winner of mine and Zebulon's Painting Challenge. This time around it was my Gaunt Summoner vs Zebulon's Endrinmaster. After a week of votes the results were 4 votes to my Gaunt Summoner and 1 vote to Zebulons's Endrinmaster.

So that makes my Gaunt Summoner the winner for this challenge.

I think a well done to both of us for two well painting models and a thankyou to those who voted and those who just came to have a look.

Thanks for having a read.


For Sigmar!: Retributors and Liberators

Hi all,

Today I bring a post on the first squad of Liberators and my squad of Retributors. Both of these are from the AoS starter set so the Retributor squad is only 3 strong. I have bought 2 extra Retributors off ebay to take them up to a 5 man unit however I hadn't done them at the time of writing this post. Both of the units were again painted up for my first ever game of AoS. Both units did fairly well if I remember correctly, with the Retributors coming on late but taking our Zebulon's Saurus riding Cold Ones who had butchered my Prosecutors and most of another Liberator squad.

Lets see some more pictures.

I'm happy with how they all turned out. It's a shame I hadn't managed to get my other 2 Retributors done along with these 3 but I'm sure if I follow the same video tutorial from warhammer tv they should match just fine. I really am finding the videos on warhammer tv very useful for painting the contents of the starter set and I'd highly recommend them. From the starter set I now just have 1 unit each of Liberators and Prosecutors and then Vandus Hammerhand himself. After that I have a 3rd Liberators squad to do along with a few of the character models. Hoping to have them all starter set stuff done by christmas if not all my Stormcast Eternal stuff I have so far. It would make them my most completed army if I do haha.

Also if you don't come here often you may be unaware that myself and Zebulon are currently near the end of running a poll to decided the winner of our latest painting contest which can be found here. If you want to help decided the winner cast your vote. The poll can be found at the top of the page just beneath the banner.

As always thanks for taking the time to have a look and please feel free to leave a comment be it good, bad or somewhere in between.


For Sigmar!: Lord Relictor

Hi all.

So today I bring a post about my recently finished Lord Relictor for my Stormcast Eternals army. Seen as I'm collecting the Hammers of Sigmar the Lord Relictor is actually named as one Ionus Cryptborn. I got him painted up and finished before my first ever game of AoS a few weeks back which was against Zebulon and his Seraphon. I think Zebulon would agree this guy was a real pain for him. In my first turn he oblitorated 3 skinks with lightning before over the next two turns taking out the rest of the unit more or less single handed. More importantly I kept him near Vandus Hammerhand and healed him multiple times keeping him in the fight the whole game.

With that said on to some more pictures.

Overall I'm happy with how he turned out. I think the weakest area on him is probably his standard. I think the paint job there got a little rough in places there but nevermind. I just followed the excellent painting video on the warhammer tv youtube channel when it came to painting him up. The only thing I did differently was I kept the standard seperate and I tweeked the odd detail here and there.

In other business myself and Zebulon are now a few days into a poll on our recent painting challenge. If you haven't had a look yet then follow the link here. If you would like to vote then the pole can be found at the top of the page just below the main banner.

Well that's all for today. Thanks for taking the time to have a look and please feel free to leave any comment be it good, bad or somewhere in between.


Blackmane vs Zebulon Painting Challenge Showcase

Hi all,

So this post was meant to go up yesterday but unfortunately got delayed slightly. Anyway here are the pictures fo the finish models that myself and Zebulon have painted up as part of our challenge. A Kharadron Overlords Endrinmaster by Zebulon and a Gaunt Summoner by myself. 

So on with the pictures. 

Blackmane vs Zebulon Painting Challenge: Challenge Back On

Hi all,

Just a quick post to say our painting challenge is back on. It's actually been resumed since last week but in all honesty I just haven't had chance to get a post up. So The end date is actually tomorrow so post with our models should be up tomorrow evening sometime.

Thanks for having a look.