Zebulon's New Mordheim Skaven Warband Pt.1 : Rat Ogre

Hey all, 

today I bring a quick update on my Mordheim project playing admirably my Middenheim border patrol warband were annihilated by the Undead in my last game and so I have decided to retire them from active service and competition. This has allowed me to try and do a Skaven warband instead! Those who have seen the blog beofre will know I am partial to Skaven and this seemed like something I's like to try! 

Hello! I'm Adam West (Batman 1966 WIP)

Hi all.

Just a quick post to show the very beginning of a fun little project I've started painting the Knight Models 1966 Adam West Batman. 

Christmas Present form Zebulon

Hi all,

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year.

Today I bring a post on what Zebulon got me for Christmas. I've wanted the model for quite a while is one of my favourite characters in the Black Library books. Zebulon got me Colonel Commissar Ibram Gaunt and painted him up as well. I have to apologise that the pictures are not the best as I didn't have time to set up the light I normally use when taking photo's for the blog. So here we are some pictures of my Christmas present. 

Building Mordheim : Lazer Cut Clocktower

Hey all,
so before the madness of Xmas I was planning on building some proper scenery for Mordheim. I've posted on this before here and here but felt that particular project was pretty awful in hindsight (it's been a while since we've played Mordheim and the WIP scenery just seemed to look dire). The new plan is to build more, but out of better materials then cardboard!

As I was looking on eBay for items I stumbled across as lazer cut clock tower from TT Combat that I thought would look very tasty as a piece in Mordheim. I was going to turn it into a crazy Skaven clocktower, but it is unfortunately smaller than I envisioned, anyway it's still a very nice piece!