The Skaven Invasion: Painting Queek Headtaker Part 3

So here is part 3 of my guide to how I did Queek, and this pretty much finishes him off as a character, thought I will do the trophy rack and post that. Anyway....

Dark Eldar: Painting the Blazing Sun

Hi all.

If you read my post yesterday, Dark Eldar: My First Raider, then I said I would be posting something today and this is it. Zebulon has been trying to get me to post a painting guide for ages and suggested I do one on my Space Wolves and then that changed to Dark Eldar (he still wants a space wold one up too!). So today I bring a painting article and seen as I recently completed my first Raider that is the subject of the painting guide. Though the principles remain the same for the kabalite warriors.

So lets get to it.

Dark Eldar: My First Raider

Hi all

Well its been a while since I posted anything here on Sign of the Aquila. However you've all been in the very capable hands of Zebulon and have seen the beginnings of a skaven infestation taking hold of SotA, which seems to be fueled by Zebulon himself (Or is that Warlord Zebulon now?). Looks like we'll have to call in the dwarfs to rectify the probelm should it get any worse.

As I'm sure you're all aware I smashed the upstart Tau Empire over christmas with my new Kabal, showing the lesser race how its done. They'll think twice before challenging me next time (cue evil laugh). Anyway lets get past the evilness for now and have a look at the reason I'm writing this....

The Joy Of Ebay

Well, this last couple of weeks has been a good one for me, am settling into the swing of painting Queek, have some cool ideas for my Ultramarines and I've had a run of good luck on Ebay.

The Skaven Invasion: Painting Queek Headtaker Part 2

Sorry for the delay all, but I have had a busy week! Well today I finally got round to painting some more on Queek, and I have really impressed myself with the results, as usually I'm not very good at skin tones and the like, but today it just seemed to come together.

The Skaven Invasion: Painting Queek Headtaker Part1

Well here is the first pic of my WIP Queek Headtaker, I'm really loving painting this model so far, lots of detail, and it looks good even though its only slightly done. Need to go back and neaten the black areas ready for the chainmail to be done. After the black undercoat I did his armour like so:

a) Mechrite Red coat
b) Heavy Devlyn Mud wash
c) 3:1 Mechrite Red : Blood Red, leaving shading in the recesses
d) 1:1 Mechrite : Bood Red, working up from the previous layer
e)  Blood Red for the 'normal' colour
f) 3:1 Blood Red : Bad Moon Yellow for the highlight
g) 2:1 Blood Red : Bad Moon Yellow for final highlight

Queek looks a lot less orange in real life, and a bit darker too, also I realise that you can't get Bad Moon Yellow any more, so using Blazing Orange would work just as well. If anyone has any tips for a better recipe of red please feel free to drop me a comment. I will also post the complete step by step as I do it into the Step by Step page, as when it has disappeared into the warp that is the older posts, it will still be easily findable on that page. Also on a related note, Blackmane is doing a complete  Dark Eldar Raider Step by Step which he will have hopefully posted by the end of today for everybody.

Grey Knights Out In April: OFFICIAL

New article on the GW site this morn so I thought I'd post a link to it:

Go check it out! Sounds interesting...

Edit: Not as much info as I first thought, but still the nice mention of some plastic kits and a confirmed date of April is good to hear.

What's That Nibbling Noise?...... The Skaven Invasion

Well, the Under Empire has finally arrived at SotA towers... I am really loving the new Queek model very dynamic and fierce, but not truly over the top at the same time. Why Skaven do you ask?
Well Warhammer Fantasy represents the last bastion for me of unexplored GW war-gaming, I have substantial 40K and LotR armies but never really got into Fantasy, I had a brief dip about 5 or 6 years ago when I bought the Lizardmen armybook and a box of Sauraus, but sadly they never took off... The real clincher though was the new Hell Pit Abomination, in my opinion that is the ugliest, most horrific looking thing GW have produced in a long time, it's perfect. Queek stood out to me on the Lords and Hero's page and I knew I must have him as a Lord.

New Dice! For That Ultramarine In Me...

Well, today I got a nice surprise from Mr Postman, the arrival of my Ultramarine themed dice.

 I was looking for some more, as I forgot mine at the Showdown, and i had to borrow Blackmanes, and he used his Dark Eldar green ones, so I thought I'd better get some more, as you can never have enough dice!

SotA Christmas Showdown: An Overview

Well, the dust has settled on the battlefield and Blackmane and my self had a pretty tough match, with bot armies fighting valiantly, however there could only be one winner, so congrats to Blackmane on his victory. I do have the full battle report and I will post it when I remember everything, but for now here is in outline of what happened.

Battle Missions: Ambush
Attacking force is deployed in the middle of the board, within 6" of the centre line, and more than 12" from the longest edges. The defending player can then postion anywhere he want on the board (if i remember rightly).

Turn 1:
Combat saw my Tau commander dragged away by Blackmanes Hellions, but took out 2 of them.
Archon dropped the webway portal
Broadside shot the Archons shield away.

Turn 2:
Blackmane failed to gain any reserves, after failing his roll.
Tau commander got dragged further away, but took out another 2 Hellions
The death of the Tau bodyguard who was shot by embarked Kabalite Warriors

Turn 3:
The arrival of Hesperex, who promptly changed into CC with my Broadside, which held her off in Blackmanes combat, but perished in mine
The disembarking of both my Fire Warrior squads and the prompt shooting and death of Hesperex.
Tau commander failed in combat and detonated his Fail Safe, taking out the last Wych
The death of 2 Tau Stealth team units

Turn 4:
The arrival of Blackmanes Wyches, who then chewed through one Fire Warrior Squad
The Gunning down of the other Fire Warrior squad, from embarked Kabailites, leaving me with 3 models in the unit.
The death of my stealth team Shas'ui.
The immobilisation of a Devilfish

Turn 5:
 The tanks shock of Blackmanes Wyches, and subsequent vehicle immobilised.

Game ended on turn 5

There is more detail to it than that, and it will be posted ,but I need to consult with Blackmane on the finer details. So for now, Blackmane is the reigning SotA champion. Well Done!.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from myself and Blackmane!

As you can see I've given the site a bit of an overhaul, though I do need to make a new banner and better wallpaper! New year, new start n all that....